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The story so far

Tara Hills Farm is a small farm on the outskirts of Dunedin. Since humble origins in 2014 (two cows and a steer) we have built up to a herd of approximately 100 animals - a mixture of Purebred and Fullblood wagyu alongside a number of dairy cross nurse cows. We run a pasture based farming system, the cattle have access to grass year around and are supplemented by hay and baleage during the winter months.

Tara Hills is run by a husband and wife team. Rachael grew up on a dairy farm and has always had animals as a part of her life. Shaddon was a city dweller but has embraced the rural life and would never consider going back to the city. We both love the fresh air and freedom we have, the challenge of working with animals, and the connection with the land and our food that it provides.

We acquired our first Wagyu cattle in 2014 and quickly fell in love with the breed. Wagyu are intelligent, energetic, instinctive animals. They can be a challenge, but reward good stockmanship and farming like no other breed we have worked with. We place a great deal of importance on having happy, healthy and relaxed animals that are free to express their natural behaviours.

We have a focus on both Wagyu beef production and genetic development. We think it is impossible to separate the two and we strive to understand every stage of production, from breeding the cattle through management and finishing systems, the processing and how to cook and serve Wagyu beef to best enjoy it's superior eating quality.


We are members of both the Australian Wagyu Association (AWA) and the New Zealand Wagyu Breeders Association (NZWBA).

Wagyu are an amazing breed of cattle, the Japanese consider them a living cultural treasure and we agree. We feel we are kaitiake – guardians - of these special animals, and will work to the best of our abilities to protect, nurture and enhance the breed.

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