The Bull Battery

We use only certified fullblood Japanese Black wagyu bulls for both our AI/ET programs and live service. We currently have the following bulls available for AI use.

Ginjo Marblemax Hiranami B901

An Australian bred balanced sire combining growth and marbling. His bloodlines are 44% Tajima, 25% Kedaka, 19% Itozakura, 12% Okayama. We used him in our ET programs in 2015 and 2016 and B901 daughters form the majority of our purebred breeding cow herd. AWA pedigree and EBV.


Blue Rock Michifuku

A US bred high Tajima marbling and carcass sire. Son of World K’s Michifuku, thought by many to be the best carcass bull ever to leave japan. He has produced beautiful calves out of our B901 daughters. AWA pedigree and EBV.

Bar R Michifuku

A US bred high Tajima marbling and carcass sire. Half sibling to Blue Rock Michifuku. Like his half-brother he has produced beautiful calves out of our B901 daughters. Note image is of World K's Michifuku, courtesy of Wagyu International. AWA pedigree and EBV.


Blackmore Kizashi J455

Bred by David Blackmore in Australia, Kizashi is a 100% Tajima sire. Kizashi is part of the Blackmore ‘Kinu’ family. He combines all three grandsons of Kikutsuru “the Hyogo cow” – Kitatsurukikudoi, Fukutsuru 068 and TF146 Kikutsurudoi. AWA pedigree and EBV.


Blackmore Kinusurukikudoi H224

Kinusurukikudoi is a 100% Tajima bull and member of the Kinu family. He is the highest living Genomic Estimated Breeding Value (GEBV) bull for rib eye area and marbling score in the Blackmore herd. AWA pedigree and EBV.


Blackmore Dai Ichi Yasuchiyo G615

Dai Ichi Yasuchiyo is a mixture of Tajima (72.5%) and Itozakura bloodlines. He is used within the Blackmore breeding program to improve all aspects of animal performance. AWA pedigree and EBV.


​Blackmore Dai Ichi Kikuzakura H017

Dai Ichi Kikuzakura is a son of TF147 Itoshigefuji and is 82.5% Itozakura bloodlines. He is the highest hot carcass weight GEBV bull in the Blackmore bull battery. Itozakura bloodlines combine well over Tajima and should increase size, robustness, fertility and milk in offspring. AWA pedigree and EBV.


Blackmore Aizatsurudoi A015

Aizatsurudoi is a line bred bull with 91.5% Tajima bloodlines. He is a combination of two of Takeda farms Tajima sires TF146 Kikutsurudoi and TF148 Itoshigenami. AWA pedigree and EBV.


Sanjirou 5U

Sanjiro 5U is a US bred son of Sanjiro 3, the bull that led the 2017 Washington State University sire summary for marbling. Sanjiro 5U is about 70% Tajima and brings together a combination of Michifuku and the cow Suzutani (arguably the most famous female wagyu in the west and known as “the queen of the breed”), with Itozakura and Kedaka influence from his maternal grandsire Kenhanafuji. AWA pedigree and EBV.


We currently use two of our own fullblood bulls for live service in our Wagyu herd. Both are 2018 born bulls bred from embryos imported from the Blackmore Wagyu Beef program in Australia.

Tara Hills Farm Yasuzurudoi P149

Yasuzurudoi is sired by Dai Ichi Yasushiyo and is a balanced combination of Tajima, Itozakura and Kedaka bloodlines. His maternal grandsire is TF151 Itozurudoi and he is used as an all-round breeding bull. AWA pedigree and EBV.

P149 fullblood bull.jpg

Tara Hills Farm Yasunami P204

Yasunami is also sired by Dai Ichi Yasushiyo and is a balanced combination of Tajima and Itozakura bloodlines. His maternal grandsire is TF148 Itoshigenami, one of the best proven bulls for marbling in the Australian herd. P204 is our highest marbling GEBV bull and will cross very well over TF147 influenced females. AWA pedigree and EBV.

P204 fullblood bull.jpg