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Tara Hills Farm Bulls

Prices are all plus GST. All bulls will have a DNA profile on file with Zoetis NZ and the Australian Wagyu Association (for fullblood animals).

Tara Hills Farm Kinufuji P198

Kinufuji is a fullblood bull, imported as an embryo from David Blackmore in Australia. Born in August 2018 he is out of Blackmore Hikohime Z265 and by the fullblood bull Blackmore Kinuyasudoi Y350.


Kinufuji is a classic marbling over size breeding. His dam Z265 is sired by TF147 Itoshigefuji and grandsired by TF151 Itozurudoi, making her high in Itozakura bloodlines known for maternal qualities. His sire Y350 is a 100% Tajima bull so should bring marbling and carcass traits.


David Blackmore’s comments: Z265 X Y350, this bull will increase body size and should increase carcass quality especially in eye muscle area.

Kinufuji is registered with the AWA and eligible for registration with the NZWBA. AWA pedigree and EBV. $10,000.


Yasufuji is a fullblood bull, imported as an embryo from David Blackmore in Australia. Born in July 2018 he is out of Blackmore Aizakura Z209 and by the fullblood bull Blackmore Dai Ichi Yasuchiyo G615.


Yasufuji is another classic mix of Tajima and Itozakura bloodlines. His dam Z209 is sired by TF147 Itoshigefuji and grandsired by TF146 Kikutsurudoi. Z209 is a daughter of the cow Aizakura U100, described by David as his "best ever cow" with over 3000 descendents on his farm.


His sire Dai Ichi Yasuchiyo is Blackmore's third highest genomic rated bull. He has a high Tajima content (72.5%) but is still the largest bull in the Blackmore program at over 1000kg.


David Blackmore’s comments: This bull will be a good all round bull that will maintain carcass quality in Full blood breeding and increase size.

Yasufuji is registered with the AWA and eligible for registration with the NZWBA. AWA pedigree and EBV. $10,000.

Tara Hills Farm Hirayasu S401

Hirayasu (paddock name Maxy) is a Fullblood bull born from our 2020/2021 ET program. He should be a well balanced animal (good growth and good marbling). He is free by descent of all Wagyu recessive genetic conditions (including IARS).


Maxy was born 27/07/2021, gestation length 291 days, birth weight 32kg and 200 day weight 175kg. He has a moderate frame and is solid, much like his half siblings were at his age. We have used our bulls successfully as yearlings, and being July born Maxy should be ready to work on a limited scale in late 2022.


Maxy is sired by the Australian Fullblood bull Ginjo Marblemax Hiranami B901 and out of our Fullblood cow Tara Hills Farm Hikohime P203. He is a combination of a quality, well proven balanced sire over maternal genetics out of the very highly regarded Blackmore Wagyu program.


B901 semen is now in very limited supply. Blackmore genetics are seldom available on the open market and are very sought after (two Blackmore bred bulls recently sold for a combined AUD$410,000 during the Australian Wagyu Association Elite sale!).


About his sire:


B901 is an excellent all around bull with no significant weaknesses. He has 1100 progeny registered with the AWA and EBV accuracies averaging over 90%. We have used him extensively in our program and have a very good feel for the type of animal he produces - in particular his daughters are amazing cows and form the backbone of our Purebred breeding herd.


B901 is sired by the Westholme foundation bull Hirashigetayasu J2351, a bull known for contributing growth and balance to his calves, and a valuable outcross with 50% Kedaka bloodlines. On his dam side B901 traces back to the renowned Hikohura dam line, one of Master breeder Shogo Takeda's maternal families that has produced many superior animals over the years. B901 is a descendent of the matriarch cow Dai 2 Kinntou 3 (maternal ancestor of modern elite bulls like Sumo Cattle Co Michifuku F126 and the stellar 'king of the breed' Mayura Itoshigenami Junior).


About his dam:


We imported P203 as an embryo from the Blackmore Wagyu Beef program in Australia in 2017 and she is one of our foundation Fullblood cows. Her breeding is the classic marbling bull over maternal strength. Hikohime is sired by the 100% Tajima sire Blackmore Kinuyasudoi Y350, himself a son of another Westholme foundation bull Kitateruyasudoi J2810, with a dam line belonging to the exclusive Blackmore "Kinu" family.


Hikohime's maternal line continues with the famous Takeda Farms bulls Itoshigefuji TF147 and Itozurudoi TF151, and like B901 she also traces back to the Hikohura dam line. She is a descendent of another matriarch cow Hikohime 3/2 (maternal ancestor of modern elite bulls Coates Itoshigenami G113 and Sumo Cattle Co Michifuku F154).


Maxy is DNA parent verified through Zoetis NZ, he is eligible for registration with the NZWBA and AWA. $7,500 or $5,000 if we retain the right to collect semen from the bull.

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